Impossible Burger's fake meat is coming to 2,000 Walmart stores

It'll be sold at locations in all 50 states.

Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods has just announced that its plant-based Impossible Burger will be available at Walmart starting today, which is the most significant rollout of its faux-meat product so far. The company had already started expanding its grocery store rollout earlier this year with availability in Kroger as well as Safeway, Albertsons, Vons and more. Earlier this week, the company also announced that the burger will begin rolling out to Trader Joe’s next Monday.

According to Impossible Foods, 12-ounce packages of Impossible Burger will be available in more than 2,000 Walmart locations in all 50 states. Combined with the other expansions above, the company says that the plant-based product will be in over 8,000 grocery stores by the end of the year. This means that the company’s retail footprint has grown by 50 times since March.

“Impossible Foods’ goal is to make the global food system sustainable. To do that, Impossible Burger has to be available everywhere people shop for meat,” said Impossible Foods’ CEO and Founder Dr. Patrick O. Brown in a statement.

In case you’re wondering how to use the Impossible Burger at home, the company also released an Impossible Burger cookbook, which features recipes from celebrity chefs like Traci Des Jardins and Chris Cosentino.

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