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Instagram's built-in shopping cart is coming to IGTV and Reels

You can now buy stuff from almost every part of Instagram.


Instagram is pushing its in-app shopping into even more parts of its app. The company is adding shopping tools to two new features: IGTV and Reels. Shopping in IGTV is rolling out around the world now, while Reels will be testing it later this year.

The changes are the latest updates Instagram has made to appeal to brands and influencers who want more ways to monetize their presence on the app. Instagram is also testing commercials in IGTV, its feature for longer-form video, and has said it will share ad revenue with users.

But the new shopping features could be particularly appealing to creators who already are used to directing their fans to their online stores and merch shops. As with other shopping features that use Instagram Checkout, users can tag specific products in their videos, which are then available to purchase from within Instagram. Adding shopping to Reels could also help the app lure talent from TikTok, which has also tested shopping tools for its stars.

Facebook has been making shopping an increasingly central part of Instagram. The company made in-app checkout available to all US businesses earlier this year, and has said it plans to redesign its app with a dedicated shopping section and allow influencers to sell products in live video. Shopping has already been available in normal feed posts, Stories and in Instagram’s Explore section.