Introducing Engadget's 2022 back to school guide
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Introducing Engadget’s 2022 back to school gift guide!

Start the new semester off right with these tools and gadgets.

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It may be too early for you to think about the upcoming school year, but it can’t hurt to get a jump-start on planning. We don’t mean to take away from the myriad beach days and barbecues you have planned for the rest of the season – we merely want to help you prep for school as efficiently as possible, so you’re not scrambling as we get closer to that return date.

Enter our annual back-to-school gift guide, where we curate the best gadgets available to help you write those term papers, ace those exams and study more efficiently. As always, we have a slew of laptop recommendations for all kinds of students, including budding streamers who need a laptop suitable for both work and play. Plus, we have lists of our favorite streaming hardware, dorm room essentials and even free services that will come in clutch for students. We’ve also collected the best student discounts we were able to find from all over the web, including the likes of Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Microsoft and others.

In addition, this year we dove deeper into students’ productivity needs. If you’ve wanted to clean up your Google Drive files and folders but have no idea where to start, we’ve got you covered. And if you’ve ever driven yourself to the brink trying to edit (or even worse, sign) and PDF properly, one of our guides can help you out.

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We know returning to school isn’t the highlight of everyone’s year. You may even feel more anxious about it this time around than before, for a variety of reasons. We hope our product recommendations, how-tos and guides can alleviate some of that stress and help you live your best academic life.

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Introducing Engadget’s 2022 back to school gift guide!