Virtual influencer Seraphine is the latest 'League of Legends' champion

The 'starry-eyed songstress' is a mage with musical abilities.

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League of Legends champion Seraphine
Riot Games

As many suspected after Riot Games confirmed it was the creator of a virtual influencer named Seraphine, the "starry-eyed songstress" is the latest League of Legends champion. Seraphine started posting on social media in recent months and she has collaborated with virtual LoL band K/DA on their new music.

Seraphine is a mage who has several music-based abilities. With her Surround Sound ability, for instance, she can protect nearby herself and allies with a song that provides them with a shield and a speed boost. If Seraphine is already shielded, Surround Sound will restore nearby allies' health instead.

K/DA and Seraphine are set to perform at the League of Legends World Championship finals at the end of the month. Seraphine will arrive in the game as part of patch 10.22 on October 29th. The performance gives Riot a perfect opportunity to remind players there’s a new champion for them to try out.

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