LG's transparent OLED displays are on subway windows in China

They show real-time info about train schedules, flights, weather and more.

LG Display

LG is bringing transparent OLED displays to subways in Beijing and Shenzhen. The 55-inch, see-through displays show real-time info about subway schedules, locations and transfers on train windows. They also provide info on flights, weather and the news.

Riders will see the tech first on Line 6 in Beijing and Line 10 in Shenzhen. LG plans to expand the OLED displays to other subway lines, which will require working with railroad companies and train glass manufacturers.

Transparent displays have long been a concept shown off at trade shows. Samsung brought its smart OLED windows to CES way back in 2012. That same year, Samsung teased a transparent showcase at IFA. But this latest see-through tech from LG shows a real-world application, and one that actually has some utility.

There’s a good chance we’ll soon see more practical uses of transparent display tech beyond the trade show walls. LG has also put transparent OLED TVs in Harrods’ storefront windows, and Xiaomi recently showed off its $7,200 see-through TV.

“The application of transparent displays will become more diverse,” said Dr. Chang-ho Oh, a senior vice president at LG Display. His division “aims to supply products to a wide range of industries in line with its vision as the leading display solution provider.”