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Lutron's outdoor smart plug controls your lights in harsh weather

Turn on the patio lights even when you don't dare step outside.

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Lutron Caseta Outdoor Smart Plug

Outdoor smart plugs are increasingly common, but Lutron thinks it has an easy way to stand out: make a plug that can endure the worst nature has to offer. It’s introducing a Caseta Outdoor Smart Plug that’s IP65-rated, or tough enough to survive heavy rain, snow and dust. You can turn on your patio lights at sunset (or other devices) even when the weather is brutal enough to keep you indoors.

The plug can also survive temperature extremes between -4F and 140F, and it’s billed as “sunproof.”

The plug will also work with just about any smart home ecosystem. On top of Lutron’s own app and Pico remote, it can take commands from Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Ring devices. A built-in smart timer also saves you from having to adjust the time for Daylight Savings.

Lutron expects to ship the Caseta Outdoor Smart Plug in late March for $80. That’s a lot for any connected plug, but the company is clearly betting that you won’t mind the cost if the device survives years of unforgiving storms.

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