Mercedes' expanded EV plans will include six new models

Both high-end and entry-level luxury models are in the pipeline.


Mercedes has made it clear that its electric car plans will extend well beyond initial vehicles like the EQC. The German automaker has outlined its expanded EV plans for the near future, and is promising six new models arriving in relatively short succession. At the high-end will be the EQS (shown at middle), a 2021 parallel to the S-Class with up to 435 miles of range, as well as an EQE “business” sedan (right). Both will have SUV equivalents for those who want more space, although at least the EQS SUV (left) won’t be ready until 2022.

No, you won’t have to pay that stiff a premium just to ditch combustion engines. Mercedes starts production on the EQA, an EV counterpart to the GLA compact SUV, later in 2020. An EQB equivalent to the GLB SUV is due in 2021.

The company is still using heavy camouflage to disguise the new models, although it hinted that the Vision EQS concept offered “pointers” to the design of the production EQS. All of the more upscale models will have “cab forward” design with coupe-like styling.

This roster still leaves some gaps. There aren’t any lower-end sedans to directly take on cars like Tesla’s Model 3, for instance. However, there’s little doubt that Mercedes is ready to make EVs a staple of its lineup — they won’t just be niche options. Not that the brand has much choice. Many cities, states and countries hope to ban sales of new combustion engine cars within the next 10 to 20 years. Mercedes will have to move to an all-electric lineup soon, and starting the transition now should ensure that it’s truly ready.