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Mercedes teases an AI-powered version of its MBUX infotainment system

The automaker will show off the tech at CES 2021.

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Mercedes EQS

When the new Mercedes EQS sedan hits the road next year, it will feature a new and improved version of the automaker’s MBUX infotainment called the MBUX Hyperscreen as an optional upgrade. The company says the ultrawide screen spans the entire front dashboard of the upcoming EV and adds AI to the mix to make using the system more intuitive.   

The automaker will detail the infotainment at its upcoming CES press conference, which is slated to start at 11AM ET on January 11th. Several executives, including the company’s head of advanced digital design, will be on hand to talk about the design. Unfortunately, the stream won’t be open to the public, but we’ll have you covered with all the details after the event.   

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