Microsoft starts taking 'Flight Simulator' VR beta sign-ups

Play the game in the most immersive way possible.

Asobo Studio/Xbox Game Studios

You’re now one step closer to playing the new Microsoft Flight Simulator in its most immersive format possible. Asobo Studio has opened sign-ups for a closed beta test (via Eurogamer) that will let you play Flight Simulator in VR. You’ll initially need a Windows Mixed Reality headset like HP’s Reverb G2, a system that meets the minimum specs (most notably the equivalent to a GeForce GTX 1080) and a Flight Simulator Insider membership.

A second phase will include “additional devices,” although Asobo didn’t say what those headsets might be. The beta is expected to start in late October or early November.

The addition of VR could be one of the biggest upgrades to the game. While aircraft cockpits are frequently very realistic in Flight Simulator, staring at a monitor doesn’t match the situational awareness you’d have as a real pilot. Even as limited as VR will be (you can’t grab controls like you would in real life), it should feel more natural than using a mouse and keyboard to look around.

Asobo will soon act on its promises of an ever-evolving title, too. A Sim Update 1 arriving in November will tackle community feature requests, while an update after that will improve the world itself. If you’ve spotted a technical inaccuracy or towering monolith, there’s a real chance it’ll be fixed before too long.