Netflix is reportedly developing a live-action Pokémon series

'Lucifer' co-showrunner Joe Henderson is on board as a writer and producer, according to 'Variety.'

The Pokémon Company/Warner Bros.

If Detective Pikachu had you hankering for more real-world(ish) Pokémon action, Netflix appears to be working on something that might catch your interest. The streaming giant has a live-action Pokémon series in early development, according to Variety.

Lucifer co-showrunner Joe Henderson is reportedly involved with the show as a writer and executive producer. Netflix picked up Lucifer after Fox canceled the show. Henderson has another project in the works at Netflix, an adaptation of his Shadecraft comic.

Several Pokémon shows have streamed on Netflix, including Pokemon: Indigo League and Pokemon Journeys. Netflix has also announced or streamed a bunch of game-related titles and live-action anime adaptations.

A live-action Pokémon series has the potential to be a massive hit for Netflix. Given the company's bigger push into video games, perhaps Netflix will work with The Pokémon Company on a game that ties into the show too.