Netflix orders 'Space Force' season 2 at an awkward moment

Season 2 could come when the real Space Force's role has changed.

Most streaming show renewals are expected or even humdrum affairs, but not this one. Hollywood Reporter and Variety have both revealed that Netflix has renewed Space Force for a second season, with filming due to start in 2021. It’s unsurprisingly too soon to discuss many details of where the Steve Carrell-led spoof will head next, but the timing in itself is notable — there are a lot of questions as to how the producers will adapt to a changing social and political landscape.

The show was originally formed as a riff on President Trump’s real Space Force, which has since completed its first missions. As you might have noticed, though, the US just voted for a new administration that will likely have a different set of space program priorities. The Netflix show’s creators now have to choose between jabbing the original militarization-of-space mindset or changing with the times.

This is also a chance to refine the show itself, which got a solid response from viewers but lackluster reviews from critics. Hollywood Reporter claims that Parks and Recreation veteran Norm Hiscock is joining to help Space Force “grow creatively” and better click with its audience. If you weren’t thrilled with the first season, then, you might want to come back.