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Nothing will show off the Ear 2 earbuds on March 22nd

A teaser image indicates the company will stick with its transparent aesthetic.

Nothing Ear 2 earbuds teaser, featuring a beetle pushing against what's likely a transparent charging case for the earphones at the right edge of the frame.
Kris Holt
Kris Holt|@krisholt|March 6, 2023 10:28 AM

Those who've been looking for more details on Nothing's next earphones won't have to wait much longer. The company will spill the beans on the Ear 2 on March 22nd. There's an event scheduled for 10AM ET that day and you'll be able to watch it on Nothing's website, which claims that the Ear 2 will have "better sound" and "better clarity."

The latest Ear 2 teaser suggests that the charging case will cling onto the transparent aesthetic of Nothing's other products to date. The image shows a beetle pushing what appears to be a charging case outside of the frame. Founder Carl Pei's companies have a predilection for drip feeding information about products, so we could learn more about the Ear 2 in the run up to the event. 

Nothing released the Ear 1 in summer 2021. It followed up on its first earbuds up with last year's Ear Stick. The Ear 2 will be Nothing's fourth product, as it released the Phone 1 in 2022.

Late last year, there were indications that Nothing is set to debut a different set of earbuds under a flanker brand. There were references to Particles by XO earbuds in Nothing Phone 1 firmware at the end of last year. Renders suggested that the earphones could have a peanut-style design. In any case, we'll find out what's on the immediate horizon for Nothing in a couple weeks.

Nothing will show off the Ear 2 earbuds on March 22nd