Office for iPad will reportedly get trackpad support 'by the fall'

Microsoft is already working to support the feature.

Chris Velazco / Engadget

Microsoft is actively working to update its Office mobile apps to take advantage of the iPad's new and more robust trackpad support, according to The Verge's Tom Warren.

We already knew Microsoft planned to take advantage of the feature when TechCrunch said earlier this week cursor support is "expected to ship in Office for this fall." However, iPad Officer users may not have to wait that long. In the article he published today, Warren writes Microsoft plans to add cursor support "by the fall." It's a subtle distinction that indicates trackpad and mouse support could arrive sooner rather than later. It also appears the company will update both its individual and all-in-one Office apps to take advantage of the feature.

Microsoft hasn't shared its exact plans yet, so there's a chance things could change. That said, the company has a solid track record of quickly updating its apps to take advantage of the iPad's latest features. For instance, Microsoft was quick to update Office to support split-screen multitasking shortly after the release of iOS 9.