OnePlus' true wireless earbuds make early appearance in software update

That inlaid circle motif and those colors... oh my.


The launch of a new OnePlus 8 update has afforded fans of the Chinese company’s phones a look at its soon-to-be-launched wireless earbuds. Buried inside the phone’s APK is a series of renders of the as-yet unavailable headphones in three different colorways. That includes white, black and the altogether more interesting turquoise and green/yellow offering that’ll appeal to folks who want to make a statement.

Around the same time, as if this leak had been planned or something, OnePlus’ official Instagram dropped a commercial for the new buds. The appended description simply read “$XX.XX,” which most folks would take to mean that the gear, when launched, will cost less than a hundred bucks. It looks, too, as if they will be branded as “OnePlus Pods,” again according to a reference within the APK.

As 9To5Google points out, the inlaid circle motif is cribbed over from OnePlus’ Bullets Wireless neckband earbuds. That report adds that the case, which appears to have a matte finish, has a LED on the outside to indicate battery life, and will not include wireless charging. Thankfully, we don’t have long to wait to find out everything about these buds, since they’ll be officially announced on July 21st alongside the new OnePlus Nord.