Paramount+ will replace CBS All Access on March 4th

CBS All Access will be no more.

David Parry/PA Images via Getty Images

CBS All Access’ days are numbered... in name, at least. ViacomCBS has revealed that Paramount+, its expansion and rebranding of All Access, will launch in the US on March 4th. The streaming service will come to Nordic countries on March 25th, Australia in mid-2021, and Canada later in the year (although Canadians will see the rebrand right away).

Paramount+ is ultimately a bid to compete with NBCUniversal’s Peacock, Disney+, HBO Max and other network-oriented rivals. Where All Access was originally focused on CBS and internet-only originals, the new offering includes shows from a host of ViacomCBS channels as well as Paramount’s movie library. In theory, you’ll have a reason to subscribe beyond following the latest Star Trek series.

Whether or not it works is another matter. There’s a much larger catalog, but competitors also have exclusives for popular classic shows like The Office and Friends. There’s also the concern of subscription fatigue — people may only be willing to sign up for so many services. Paramount+ is an easier sell than CBS All Access, but it might be too much for someone already struggling to keep up with (or afford) their queues on other services.