Pioneer DJ's Rekordbox software now syncs with Dropbox

Creative plan subscribers can backup, edit and access files across multiple devices.

Pioneer DJ / Rekordbox

During these stay-at-home times, it seems many companies are launching software updates and free modes for users who have more time to dig in but less cash to spare. Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox, one of three main options in the DJ software realm alongside Serato DJ and Native Instruments’ Traktor, has joined the pack today with a new version 6 release and Rekordbox for iOS 3.0. There are three new subscription models to choose from, including a free version of course. But the important news is the addition of cloud sync, letting you access your library on multiple devices in partnership with Dropbox. Plus there’s a discount on two of the advanced plans that grandfather you in at a reduced rate if you sign up before July 13, 2020.

People have been using a variety of hacks up until now to solve the multiple-device issue, but as long as you have a Dropbox account and Rekordbox’s Creative subscription you can now store and access audio files in the cloud. This means tracks, playlists and metadata like cue points will be accessible wherever you go, without needing to load up your laptop or bring portable hard drives. You can work on your set, even from your iPhone, and the tweaks you make will be synced to the cloud. And if your devices get lost, your files are still safely backed up in the cloud.

Other items of note include the addition of Ableton Link support, for syncing your timecode across other devices and an Auto Relocate feature so you can find tracks on-the-fly if they’ve been moved. And later this spring, the Beatsource Link direct-to-device streaming services will be supported.

rekordbox version 6 and ios version 3
Pioneer / Rekordbox

On the iOS side of things (sorry Android users), you can use Mobile Library Sync to wirelessly transfer your Rekordbox library from your desktop to your phone as long as you’re on the same network. This works even if you don’t have the cloud subscription. There’s also direct-connection support for some CDJs and XDJs, letting you play your tracks on those devices without any importing or exporting required.

The three new subscription plans available are Free, Core and Creative. The free mode is limited to in-computer use only, unless you have a controller that includes a hardware-unlock. You don’t get DVS capability (without that licensed controller) or the new cloud sync functionality here and some of the existing features are limited. Next up is the Core subscription which costs $7 a month if purchased before July 13, 2020 (when it goes up to $10). This lets you use any Rekordbox-supported DJ equipment, including DVS but lacks cloud sync, remix effects and sampler sequence saves. The premier subscription is called Creative and includes full functionality across the board for the introductory price of $10 per month (or $15 after July 13, 2020).