Plex is testing integration with Apple's TV app

Plex but in your recommendations and "Up Next" queue.


One of the best features of Apple's TV app is that you can access most of your other streaming apps in one place. While not every major platform is supported in this way, some of the more big ones, including Amazon Prime Video and Disney+, are — and it looks like you'll be able to soon add Plex to that list.

In a tweet spotted by 9to5Mac, podcaster Will Sigmon found that the latest Plex TestFlight beta release includes support for Apple TV app integration. Once the company releases the software to the public, you'll be able to see Plex content in the Apple TV app. It will also show up in your "Up Next" queue, as well as in your recommendations.

Now, before those of you with Plex servers get too excited, Sigmon said he wasn't able to get content from his personal server to show up consistently. 9to5 suggests this could be because Plex plans to only make content from its free streaming service available in this way through the Apple TV app. It's also worth pointing out the integration may not work in every country where you can get both Plex and the Apple TV app. Either way, we've reached out to Plex for more information, and we'll update this article when we hear back from the company.

With Plex's TestFlight program at full capacity, you can't try out the integration if you weren't already enrolled in the beta. And at the moment, there's currently no timeframe for a public release of Plex 7.14.

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