A mini 'Pong' arcade machine is on the way

The Mini Pong Jr has dual dial controls, so you can play with a friend.


Atari and UNIS have teamed up for another Pong arcade machine you can play at home, albeit one that's much smaller than UNIS' coffee table-sized analog models. The Mini Pong Jr has a 7.9-inch LCD screen and two classic dial controls so you can play with a friend. If you go it alone, you'll have ten difficulty settings to choose from.

There’s no built-in battery, but you can install rechargeable AA batteries so you can play the machine anywhere. Alternatively, you can power the Mini Pong Jr with a USB cable and adapter.

You'll be able to get your hands on the Mini Pong Jr, which UNIS manufactured, this holiday season. UNIS, which is based in China, is handling distribution in Asia and Arcade1Up is doing so in North America. Atari will announce pricing and pre-order details soon. Here's hoping Atari will start delivering its long-delayed VCS console in the near future too.