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Sony PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset

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There's a lot to like about this in spite of a few flaws.

There's a lot to like about this in spite of a few flaws.

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The PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset may wear its loyalties right there on its band, but it can also work with your desktop, laptop and even Xbox via the included cable if that's how you roll. And, you just might want to give it a whirl, as the Gold offers pretty solid performance for its sub-$100 price.

Out of the box the Gold headset has a lot to offer, with Digital Trends "pleasantly surprised by its solid feel and minimalist frame," with its "plush and comfy" ear pads causing "virtually no comfort issues." IGN expected it to feel a bit cheap given the low price and, while they weren't wrong, they admit it's still "sturdy enough for regular use." It's just not "built to last." Digital Trends also thinks the Gold is pretty stylish for a gaming headset, and IGN says the blue accents and PlayStation logo "distinguish it" in a crowded market.

What doesn't particularly distinguish the Gold Wireless Headset is its sound quality. IGN found it "somewhat flat," thanks to a mid-range and low-end response that wasn't as full-bodied as they would have liked. Digital Trends agreed, noting that while the sounds were clear, they weren't delivered "with the rich definition and texture required to help bring them to life." However, both IGN and Digital Trends agreed that the audio was decent given the headset's price. At least the 7.1 surround sound performed just fine in spite of the Gold's low cost, with Destructoid even calling it "some of the best simulated surround I've heard in a gaming headset."

Great gaming accessories have always been the providence of PC gaming, but the Gold Wireless Headset bucks that trend by offering up a solid performing headset at a console-friendly price.



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This headset is pretty comfortable and really has a pretty good sound more
I've spent the last couple weeks searching for a new headset. Last week I more
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For a mere $100, you get a nicely refined peripheral that delivers quality virtual surround sound, a built-in mic for chatting and strategizing with online allies, and a nicely comfortable build. That's a pretty excellent deal for PlayStation-centric gamers.
Though not without its flaws, the PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset is tough to beat at $99.
As a mid-tier wireless gaming headset, it's decent-sounding and versatile, with a snazzy design, functional headphone surround and a surprisingly comfortable fit. And while it's not actually made of gold, well, that would probably make your neck sore anyway.
If you're a PlayStation-only gamer, you're getting everything you'd need in one $99 headset with the PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset. It's not as classy looking as its predecessor was, but it's comfortable, works well, and sounds great.
Digital Trends
Sony’s PlayStation Gold headset provides clear, powerful sound, convincing virtual surround, and the kind of long-wear comfort that holds up under marathon gaming sessions.
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