'PUBG Mobile' gets its first exclusive map

Matches should take about 15 minutes on the new battleground.

Tencent Games

For the first time in two-year history, PUBG Mobile is getting an exclusive map. Android and iOS users can check out the battle royale's new Livik battleground starting today. With a playspace limited to about four square kilometers, Tencent says most matches on the Nordic-themed level should take about 15 minutes, making it perfect for short play sessions.

Players will find new weapons and vehicles that are only available on Livik. For a limited time, there will also be special "experimental" firearms scattered across the level. These will fit into archetypes players are already familiar with, but they'll feature modified names, icons and finishes. They'll also do more damage than their regular counterparts, so finding one early could give you an edge through the rest of a match.

Livik isn't the first time Tencent has added exclusive content to PUBG Mobile. In October, the company added characters from The Walking Dead for a limited time. More importantly, mobile-exclusive content is likely to keep coming. While it doesn't have the cultural cachet of FortnitePUBG Mobile is a big moneymaker for Tencent. According to a recent Sensor Tower report, the company’s lifetime revenue from the game passed $3 billion in July.