Razer made a dull keyboard and mouse for working from home

You could still play 'Microsoft Flight Simulator' with them, though.


Razer has taken a small step sideways with its latest peripherals. The company’s perhaps best known for its gaming accessories. This time around, it has built a keyboard and mouse intended for office work (or, you know, working from home, as many of us are for the foreseeable future).

Razer Pro Type keyboard

The Pro Type keyboard uses Razer’s orange mechanical switches — while it’ll have a clicky feel, it should be quieter than many other gaming keyboards. The keys are backlit with white LEDs and should be durable for up to 80 million keystrokes. They also have a soft-touch coating, which Razer included for “all-day typing comfort.” The $140 keyboard has wireless and Bluetooth connectivity for up to four devices, along with programmable keys that offer macro recording.

As for the Pro Click mouse, Razer worked with ergonomic device maker Humanscale to make it comfortable for all-day use. It’s designed to keep your wrist at a neutral 30-degree angle to minimize the risk of developing conditions such as tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Its palm, thumb and pinky supports should also help support your hand and reduce strain.

Razer Pro Click mouse

The $100 Pro Click has eight programmable buttons, and multi-host Bluetooth connectivity for four devices. Razer says the battery should run for over 400 hours on a single charge, and that the mouse will be durable for up to 50 million clicks.

The Productivity Suite also includes a Pro Glide surface (aka a mouse pad), which has a cushioned, micro-weave cloth surface. That costs $10.

Of course, you could quite easily fire up Microsoft Flight Simulator after your work day and play it using these. But since they don’t have the flashiest of designs, at least they won’t look super out of place if your colleagues catch a glimpse of them on your next Zoom call. The products are available from Razer’s website today, and you can buy them through authorized resellers starting August 27th.

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