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Samsung's newest watches can now take ECG readings in the US

Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Watch Active 2 do so with the Health Monitor app.


Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Watch Active 2 users in the US can take electrocardiogram (ECG) readings starting today through the Samsung Health Monitor app. Samsung said in early August the feature was coming to the devices after it received FDA approval. The ECG app was already available in South Korea.

You can use the app to monitor your heart rhythm for irregularities and conditions like atrial fibrillation. The ECG feature doesn’t detect heart attacks, however.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 ECG feature

To use it, first make sure your watch has a snug fit and place your arm on a flat surface. After you open the Samsung Health Monitor app, place your fingertip on the top button and your watch will take an ECG reading. You’ll be able to log any related symptoms you have, such as fatigue or dizziness, and send a report to your healthcare provider from a compatible Galaxy phone.

The Galaxy Watch 3 has a string of other health-focused features, some of which have made their way to the Galaxy Watch Active 2. Apple added a similar ECG function to Watch Series 4 in 2018.