Grab Samsung's 500GB T7 external SSD for just $80 at Amazon and Best Buy

It's fast external storage at a relatively low price.

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Samsung T7 SSD in blue
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It just became easier to rationalize an external solid-state drive if you need fast backups or just an easy way to shuttle large files between PCs. Samsung’s 500GB T7 portable SSD is now on sale for $80 at Amazon, or $30 below its usual $110 price. You can find it for the same price at Best Buy. This isn’t the fingerprint reader-equipped T7 Touch model, but that may be fine if you’re not worried about adding a physical layer of security.

Buy T7 SSD (500GB) on Amazon - $80 Buy T7 SSD (500GB) on Best Buy - $80

Higher-capacity models are also on sale at $170 for a 1TB drive (versus the usual $200) and $320 for a 2TB edition (normally $370), although the discounts aren’t as pronounced.

This isn’t the first time Samsung’s SSDs have dropped to prices like this, but it’s an easier sell with the T7. So long as you plug into a computer that supports USB 3.2 Gen 2, you can read and write at speeds around 1,000MB/s — roughly twice as quick as for the T5. That gives it a distinct edge over other lower-cost SSDs, especially if you intend to transfer large files on a regular basis.

The T7 otherwise represents a familiar formula from Samsung. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing. While the design is unexciting, it’s slim, drop resistant up to 6 feet and will throttle back if there’s ever danger of the drive overheating. USB-C is increasingly par for the course on external storage, but still welcome if you want some future-proofing. Just don’t expect any special tricks.

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