Samsung’s iTest offers a look at Galaxy Android on iPhone

A web app gives lets iPhone owners "sample the other side."


If you're using an iPhone and thinking about switching to a Galaxy device, Samsung has unveiled a website to let you "sample the other side." Called iTest, it installs a web app that opens a simulated Galaxy device home screen replete with apps, settings, the Galaxy Store, themes and messages, MacRumors has reported. It seems to be a lighthearted jab at Apple, which has done similar things in the past.

The aim is to persuade iPhone users that Samsung can provide a better experience in a low-stakes way. "We know that the idea of switching to a new operating system can be daunting for many mobile users," said Samsung New Zealand's John Alexander. "iTest was designed to give consumers a taste of Samsung, without changing phones. While we can’t replicate every function and feature, the experience enables users to explore a range of apps and settings from phone and messaging apps to the Galaxy Store."

On top of showing how apps work, the site includes simulated calls and messages, along with interactive tips and content. You can also view tutorials explaining themes, camera operation, the Galaxy Wearable app and more. Samsung even included a few jokes, noting that the Settings app was simplified "so our developer could take a lunch break." The app was developed by Samsung New Zealand, but it's available for anyone to try right here.