Serato Studio's latest update includes a limited free version

If you're strapped for cash but want to make music or DJ edits, now's your chance.

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DAW DJ production software

Since so many of us are unavoidably stuck indoors, this is a great opportunity to dig into new hobbies and skills. If music production happens to be on your list, Serato Studio is a great option right out of the gate and those who’ve been DJing with a controller are even better suited to use the platform. The full version of Studio is always available with a 14-day trial, but the software’s latest update (1.4.4) includes a totally free version for cash-strapped creators.

Those already using this beat-making software get the addition of Auto Chord Mode, which lets you create 2 - 7 note chords from a single note, no previous knowledge of music theory required. There are also improvements to the song view, quantized cue points and the Serato DJ library view. However, this update seems primarily geared towards providing inquiring minds the opportunity to use the software for free, with only some of the full edition’s features disabled.

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Users taking advantage of the free version will be limited to four decks, four scenes, a single audio track and can only export MP3 files. You can’t automate filters either, so let’s just say it’s a chance to practice that live set where you actually have to perform in the moment. The single audio track — where you can import an entire song for editing — lets you work on DJ edits for your set, but you won’t be able to stack a variety of full tunes together for more complex results.

Serato Studio 1.4.4 is available today, with a 14-day full-feature trial and an always-free option with reduced features. If you’d like to get the full version, it’s available as a $10/month subscription or $200 outright purchase.

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