Sony is releasing its WH-1000XM4 headphones in white for a limited time

The top-rated headphones will be available in Europe next month while stocks last.


Sony’s WH-1000XM4 headphones trumped their predecessors to become our top pick last summer. Eight months later, it seems Sony felt a change was due as it's releasing a new limited edition version of the headphones in "silent white." The new colorway will launch in Europe and the US between May and August, or until stock lasts.

But, they won't come cheap. While the XM4s were already pricey at $350, a number of deals have seen them reduced to as low as $278. However, Sony is cranking up the price to $400 for new editions.

In terms of the design, the white headphones pack the same bronze accents as the black and silver versions. The difference here, according to Sony, is that they feature an additional coat of paint over their traditional counterparts. This apparently makes them "even more stain-resistant." Sony has also given the silent white treatment to the accompanying accessories, so the carrying case and cables match the look of the headphones.

The internal features remain in tact. Sony upgraded the M4 over the M3 with a new Bluetooth Audio SoC (system on chip) that detects outside noise over 700 times per second. A new algorithm for the dedicated QN1 noise canceling processor also bolsters audio by applying its computing power in real time. The two work in tandem to block noise across the frequency curve. In addition, the headphones feature an audio upscaling tech called Digital Sound Enhancement that brings compressed music files closer to their high-res version.

Update: This article was been updated after publishing to detail US availability and pricing.

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