‘Batman Unburied’ will be Spotify’s first exclusive DC Comics podcast

David Goyer will explore the darker aspects of Bruce Wayne’s psyche.

neilkendall via Getty Images

Earlier this year, we learned that Spotify was teaming up with DC Comics and Warner Bros. to create a lineup of exclusive, narrative audio podcasts featuring DC characters like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Today, Spotify announced the first series: Batman Unburied. The audio drama, led by David Goyer, will explore the darker side of Bruce Wayne’s psyche.

“We’ll be using the unique advantages of audio to dig into the more nightmarish members of the Dark Knight’s Rogues Gallery,” Goyer said in a statement. Goyer’s previous work includes The Dark Knight trilogy, Man of Steel, Sandman, Foundation and more.

Spotify is keeping most of the details a secret, but it says the series is expected to debut in 2021. Like the other DC Universe-Spotify podcasts, this will be a Spotify exclusive. You can follow DC on Spotify to be notified when it’s available.

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