Star Trek animated comedy 'Lower Decks' heads to Blu-ray on May 18th

Don't be a Boimler.

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Paramount+ (née CBS All Access) might be going full steam on becoming the Star Trek streaming service (among other things), but if you haven’t ponied up the $6 a month or prefer owning physical media, you can still snag the new Trek shows on Blu-ray and DVD. As of May 18th you’ll be able to grab a copy of last year's Lower Decks in both formats with plenty of special features that won’t be available on on Paramount+.

Star Trek: Lower Decks was only the second animated Star Trek show in history, following Star Trek The Animated Series way back in 1973 (and soon to be joined by Star Trek: Prodigy). It’s often been described as “Family Guy in space,” and there are plenty of scatological jokes to back up that assertion. But it’s also a strangely positive, occasionally even heart-warming look at the lives of four ensigns on the USS Cerritos — a Starfleet ship that is mostly definitely not in the same league as Kirk or Picard’s Enterprise. It’s packed with plenty of in-jokes and deep-cut references to please old school fans, as well as memorable characterization and one heck of a season finale.

Aside from season one’s 10 episodes, you’ll get special features like the “Lower Decktionary,” basically a companion series delving into things like character development, music and design. There are also animatics, a guide to some of the easter eggs and even a full-length trailer for Mariner’s episode nine holodeck extravaganza Crisis Point: The Rise of Vindicta.

The set is available to preorder today on Blu-ray, DVD or even a BD steelbook if you’re fancy like that.

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