Star Trek's computer-animated 'Prodigy' airs on Nickelodeon in 2021

It's a show for the kids.

CBS / Nickelodeon

After a long period with no new Star Trek on television, fans are now dealing with a deluge of new programs from their favorite franchise, thanks to Discovery and Picard as well as the the upcoming Lower Decks and Strange New Worlds. Unfortunately all of these shows cater to more adult audiences, leaving out younger fans who might want to explore the galaxy. Last year CBS announced there would be a Star Trek animated show for younger audiences, and today we finally put a name (and logo) to the newest chapter of the popular franchise — Star Trek: Prodigy.

The CG-animated show is set to premiere next year on Nickelodeon, and will revolve around the adventures of a group of teens who take over an old Starfleet vessel and of course, go on adventures. For an idea of the tone, it’s best to look at who’s running the show: Kevin and Dan Hageman, the duo behind Netflix’s Trollhunters cartoon. Alex Kurtzman will still be involved as executive producer, as part of his five-year deal managing all things Trek for CBS Television Studios. It will be animated by Eye Animation Productions, the company’s new animation arm.

This isn’t the first animated Star Trek show for kids, with The Animated Series airing on NBC all the way back in 1973. And last year Trek companion series Short Treks debuted two computer-animated episodes. But, while Lower Decks uses some computer drawing in its production, Prodigy will be the first full CG Star Trek show when it debuts in 2021.