T-Mobile's Magenta Max plan comes with true unlimited data

It also includes unlimited 4K streaming.

T-Mobile is introducing a plan later this week that will almost entirely do away with throttling. Its new Magenta Max plan includes unlimited premium data and unlimited video streaming at 4K. It also comes with 40GB of high-speed tethering data (T-Mobile will throttle your devices to 3G speeds after you go over that limit), in addition to perks like complimentary Gogo in-flight WiFi and international roaming in 210 countries.

Magenta Plans 2021

All so-called "unlimited" plans in the US (and some other parts of the world) currently throttle customers after they go over their monthly data allotment. T-Mobile claims it won't do that with Magenta Max, whether you're using the plan to access a 5G or LTE connection to its network. The company says it's rolling out the plan to "show what a truly powerful 5G network can do for consumers."

Magenta Max will replace the carrier's existing Magneta Plus plan on February 24th. For a limited time, T-Mobile says you can get the plan for $47 per month — but that's if you have three lines on your account already and you take advantage of its autopay promotion. Single-line customers can look forward to paying $85 per month with autopay. Alongside the plan, the carrier is introducing a promotion for those who want to switch. If you come with your own device to the carrier, it will port your phone number for free. Additionally, current AT&T and Verizon (Engadget's parent company) customers can get up to $650 in the form of a prepaid card when they switch over.

Regular Magenta customers can also look forward to something new. The plan now comes with 100GB of premium data, up from the 50GB it has come with since 2017. It now also includes 5GB of high-speed tethering data, up from the 3GB it came with previously.