• Hockey Night in Canada will go 3D for two games this winter

    Ben Bowers
    Ben Bowers

    Considering how well MSG's 3D broadcast of the Rangers / Islanders game was received, CBC Sports' decision to air two Hockey Night In Canada games in 3D this winter is splendiferous news for fans in Mountie land. The first-ever 3D Canadian hockey game broadcast is set for December 11th, when the Toronto Maple Leafs host the Montreal Canadiens, while the second will come later during the 2010-11 NHL season on February 20th, when the Calgary Flames host the Canadiens in the Heritage Classic. To pull it all off HNIC has partnered with Panasonic -- who conveniently will be the official 3D and HD sponsor for the series when it premiers this season on October 7th, too. In terms of potential audience, Scott Moore, executive director of CBC Sports shared they "don't even know how many 3D TVs are out there", but it's not a coincidence the games are scheduled around Christmas when many of our neighbors to the north will be looking to upgrade. Moore was also clear that these games don't guarantee 3D HNIC is here to stay given its costs over standard HD. But if you and your puck-loving friends can put more than $55 million worth of 3D equipment under the tree, we bet that tune could change.