Tesla Autopilot now detects speed limit signs

It will also tell you when traffic lights turn green.

REUTERS/Amanda Voisard

Tesla cars are now smarter about recognizing street signs. Electrek reports that the automaker is pushing a software update that lets Autopilot detect speed limit signs using the EV’s cameras. Your car should stick to the limit more accurately than it did before, when it was relying solely on GPS data. You shouldn’t risk a ticket just because your car sped up prematurely.

You should also have fewer embarrassing moments at intersections. There’s now a chime that sounds when the traffic light you’re waiting for turns green. If there’s a car in front of you, the chime will wait until that vehicle moves forward It’s still up to you to confirm your intention and resume semi-autonomous driving, but that beats listening to honking horns from people waiting behind you.

As with most Tesla updates, it could take a few weeks before the new features reach your car. Still, it’s a significant update. It promises a smoother Autopilot experience, of course, but it also inches Tesla slightly closer to its dreams of full self-driving — your car won’t have to rely quite so much on pre-supplied data to navigate.