Tesla Powerwall knows when to stop charging your EV during power outages

It's now smart enough to focus on your house, not your car.

REUTERS/Nichola Groom

Tesla’s Powerwall can ironically create problems if you’re all-in on the company’s ecosystem. What happens if there’s a power outage and the battery pack has to juggle the needs of both your home and your EV? You might rest a little easier from now on. Teslerati reports that Tesla has released a Powerwall update that will coordinate with the company’s cars to prioritize charging during power outages. Charging will slow down if there’s a high load in your household during the outage, and will even stop entirely if the Powerwall dips below an “energy threshold.”

The feature is currently available to North American owners who drive a Model 3 or Model Y. You’ll have to be patient if you live elsewhere or drive one of Tesla’s higher-end EVs. If you do qualify, though, this could ensure that you aren’t left in the dark simply because your car was a little too thirsty during a bad storm.