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The best Apple Cyber Monday deals of 2023: Save up to $250 on MacBooks, AirPods, iPads and more

Shop these Cyber Monday deals from Amazon, Target, B&H Photo and other retailers.


There are still a handful more hours of Cyber Monday, so if you're searching for deals on Apple devices, you're in luck. Many of these deals started well before Black Friday, and all but a few are still live. Whether you need an iPad for couchside entertainment, or even productivity, or a new pair of AirPods Pro for a gift, this is a great time to shop. Surprisingly, Apple's latest products like the M3 MacBook Pro and the Apple Watch Series 9 are included in the discounts. If something catches your eye, you may want to click "add to cart," as we expect many of these deals to expire before tomorrow hits. These are the best Cyber Monday Apple deals for 2023.

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AirPod Cyber Monday deals

AirPods Pro (2nd gen, USB-C)

The second generation AirPods Pro are now $60 off.

$190 at Amazon

When Apple announced the new iPhone 15 and its conversion to USB-C charging, the company also revealed the second generation AirPods Pro with the same connector. That version has dropped to $190 at Amazon and Target. They’ve gone or as low as $189 recently, so this is within a dollar of that price. Other than the port, the hardware hasn’t changed so you’re still getting the earbuds we named the best pick for iPhone users in our guide. In addition to pairing well with Apple’s handsets, the buds also offer one of the best transparency modes on the market along with solid ANC and richer fuller sound than the previous generation Pros. The Lightning version is on sale for $169 at Walmart.

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AirPods Max

Billy Steele/ Engadget

Apple's over-ear headphones are nearly $100 off.

$480 at Amazon

The over-ear AirPods Max are normally far too expensive for us to recommend. But now they're down to $450, which is a new low price and $30 cheaper than Prime Day in October. You can get the deal at Amazon or Best Buy. They're $519 at B&H Photo. They are well-designed, comfortable, and implement all of the helpful Siri integrations. We also like the great noise cancellation and Spatial Audio. While they’re a little heavy, the fit is still comfortable and the on-device controls, while unique, are simple and “a joy to use.”

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AirPods (3rd gen)

The latest generation of the standard AirPods are $29 off.

$140 at Amazon

The third generation AirPods with the Lightning charging case are down to $140 at Amazon and Target. They carry a list price of $169 but often sell for closer to $150, so this is $10 off the usual. These non-Pro AirPods came out in 2021 and got a review score of 88 from us. They pair quickly with iPhones and are a good complement to Siri’s helpfulness. They don’t have ANC however — you’ll need to go for the AirPods Pro for that feature — but they do have Adaptive EQ which monitors and adapts sound in real time. The fit is comfortable and they’re water-resistant so they can handle workouts or the weather.

Apple Watch Cyber Monday deals

Apple Watch Ultra 2

Photo by Cherlynn Low / Engadget

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is down to $739, which is $60 off, though it's $9 more that it was for Black Friday.

$739 at Amazon

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is now $739, which is $60 off. It sold for $9 less during Black Friday and is one of the few Apple products to not maintain its pricing for Cyber Monday. Both Amazon and Best Buy are selling it for $739. The Ultra 2 has the same new chip as the Apple Watch Series 9 so it can perform the new Double Tap trick, but also sports a more robust build and outdoor-specific features that make it suited to adventurers. There’s a siren to alert people to your presence as well as a dive meter, waypoint setting capabilities and night mode to preserve your low-light vision. It's our recommended Apple Watch for adventurers.

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Apple Watch SE

Photo by Cherlynn Low / Engadget

Apple's most affordable wearable is $70 off for Cyber Monday and an all-time low. 

$180 at Amazon

The most affordable smartwatch in the lineup is the Apple Watch SE, which is now down to $179. It has a list price of $249 but has regularly sold for $220 lately so this is still a significant deal. We called it the best smartwatch money can buy in our review when it came out in 2022. It lacks an always-on display and a few of the more specialized health sensors, like the blood oxygen app, but the fitness features and tracking data are well-rounded, plus the notifications and integrations are particularly convenient for iPhone users.

Apple Watch Series 9

Get $70 off the Apple Watch Series 9 for Cyber Monday.

$396 at Amazon

The new Apple Watch Series 9 is seeing a $70 discount that brings it to $330 at Amazon, Target and Walmart. That's a new low for the wearable that debuted alongside the iPhone 15 back in September. The big change this time around is a new SiP (system in package) chip that allows for a Double Tap feature that lets you tap your thumb and forefinger together to answer calls and more. It also allows for the onboard processing of Siri requests, making simple demands (like starting a timer or a workout) happen faster.

The Series 9 has an always-on display and when paired with the Sport Loop is a carbon neutral product. As has been the case for many years now, the Apple Watch is an excellent fitness companion, offering comprehensive health and activity data. It also happens to be our favorite smartwatch for most people.

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Apple iPad Cyber Monday deals

iPad (10th generation)

The 10th generation standard iPad is $100 off at Amazon, Target and Best Buy.

$350 at Amazon

The tenth generation iPad is on sale for $349 at Amazon, Best Buy and Target, which is $100 off the list price. It has often sold for $399 lately so this is still $50 off the typical street price. We don’t think it’s a wild improvement over the previous generation, though it does orient the camera to the landscape edge, which is much better for video calling. The USB-C charging is more modern than the Lightning connector on the 9th gen iPad, but for some reason this model still works with the first generation Apple Pencil (even though the slate came out after the second-gen stylus).

iPad Air

Photo by Nathan Ingraham / Engadget

The iPad we recommend for most people is $100 off the list price and about $60 cheaper than it often sells for. 

$500 at Amazon

The base model of the latest generation of the iPad Air has an MSRP of $599 and is now down to $499, a price its hit quite a few times in 2023. This is the iPad we recommend for most people because it’s speedy, has a great screen and works with current-generation accessories. It can act as a rather powerful entertainment option for games and streaming, but is powerful enough to serve as a productivity device when paired up with a stylus or mouse and a keyboard. Now that the M3 chip has been loosed upon the world, the iPad Air, which houses the M1 chip, is primed for an update, which will likely come next year (along with a potential price increase).

iPad mini

Photo by Valentina Palladino / Engadget

It's not meant for productivity, but the iPad Mini is still a great compact tablet for recipes, browsing and making FaceTime calls.

$400 at Amazon

For a more portable iPad experience, the iPad mini offers a bigger screen than your phone, but is barely as easy to carry around with you. It’s listed at $499, but has dropped as low as $400 many times this year. Now it’s back down to that low at Amazon, Target and Best Buy. The smaller iPad got a refresh last year, adding a new Liquid Retina screen, a Touch-ID top button instead of a Home button, and a USB-C charging. The performance is snappy and the integration with the second-generation Apple Pencil makes it excel as a digital notebook. As we said in our review, with the mini, Apple “quashes notion that ‘smaller’ means ‘lesser.’”

Apple iPad (9th generation)

The 9th generation standard iPad is $80 off, which is about the average price it has sold for these past few months. 

$249 at Walmart

For a few hours during the Black Friday sales, the 9th generation iPad went as low as $229 at Amazon. That deal appears to have sold out, but if you still want the prior generation standard Apple slate, it's now $80 off the MSRP from Walmart. That's about the same as it's sold for these past few months. But we still think it's a good buy and recommend it as the best budget iPad you can buy.

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MacBook Cyber Monday deals

MacBook Pro (14-inch, 2023, M3)

The base model MacBook Pro with the M3 chip is $150 off.

$1,449 at Amazon

The base model, 14-inch MacBook Pro with the new M3 chip just came out in October but is $150 off for Cyber Monday. After testing the new chip, we think the base model with 8GB of RAM may quickly get bogged down. If it's within your budget, we recommend the model with 16GB of RAM, which is $150 off at B&H photo. And if you upgrade to a model with the M3 Pro chip for an even speedier experience — you'll get a $200 discount as it's down to $2,199 at B&H Photo. We gave the new M3 MacBook Pros an appreciative review and named them the best option for creatives in our buyer’s guide.

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MacBook Air (15-inch, 2023, M2)

The new 15-inch MacBook Air is now $250 off at Amazon and Best Buy.

$1,049 at Amazon

The 15-inch MacBook Air arrived in June and added a little more screen real estate to an already great machine. It’s down to $1,049 for Cyber Monday at Amazon and Best Buy. That’s the same as the all-time low it’s hit a few times these past couple of months. In addition, it's $200 off at B&H Photo. We gave it a 96 in our review and liked how the bigger screen let you get the most out of the M2 processor.

Now that the M3 MacBook Pros have arrived, we’re guessing Apple will come out with M3-enabled Air models in 2024. Still the M2 has plenty of processing power and will serve you well as both a casual machine for playing games and watching shows, but can also hold its own with productivity tasks.

MacBook Air (13-inch, 2022, M2)

Our favorite laptop for most people is currently $170 off.

$929 at B&H Photo

The M2-powered, 13-inch MacBook Air is on sale for $929 at B&H Photo. It’s our top recommendation for a MacBook and beat out all brands in our laptop guide. The M2 chip is impressively fast and capable, the design is solid and the display is lovely. It’s more than capable for both work and play and should give you years of dependable use. But, again, the M3-enabled Airs are likely on their way in 2024. So if you know you’re drawn to the newest thing, you might want to wait.

MacBook Air (13-inch, 2020, M1)

This is the budget pick in our MacBook guide and it's $150 off and back down to its lowest price yet.

$750 at Amazon

The MacBook Air with the M1 chip is a couple years old at this point, but still officially part of Apple’s laptop lineup. It dropped to an all-time low of $750 for October’s Prime Day at Amazon and now Amazon and Best Buy are selling it for the same price. It’s the budget pick in our guide to MacBooks and the top pick in our guide to budget laptops. Check out our review from when it first came out in which we praised its quick speeds, excellent screen and good battery life.

Cyber Monday deals on Apple accessories

$100 Apple Gift Card + $15 Amazon credit

Use the code APPLET5USA to get a bonus $15 in Amazon credit alongside an Apple gift card worth $100 or more.

Save $15 with code
$100 at Amazon

If you purchase an Apple gift card totaling $100 or more from the retailer, you can get $15 in Amazon store credit for no extra cost. Just use the code APPLET5USA at checkout to see the offer. The deal applies to the digital version of the card; as of this writing, you can get the credit with a physical Apple gift card as well by using the code APPLET5USAP, though you may not want to clip the coupon on those cards' product page, as Amazon's listing says that will only give you a $10 credit. As a reminder, you can use an Apple gift card for App Store credit, subscription services like Apple Music or iCloud, and/or purchases made at a physical Apple store.

Apple AirTags

Apple AirTags are currently 20 percent off.

$80 at Amazon

A four-pack of Apple AirTags is $80 right now at Amazon, thanks to a 19 percent discount. They go for $29 each at full price, so the deal will save you $9 a pop. AirTags are our top picks for Bluetooth trackers for iPhone users as they tap into Apple’s disturbingly vast FindMy network, using other Apple mobiles to find your lost stuff. If you want just a single AirTag, you can grab one for $24 (a $5 discount) at Walmart and Target.

Apple Pencil

Photo by Nathan Ingraham / Engadget

The 2nd generation Apple Pencil is $50 off. 

$80 at Amazon

Apple now makes three different Apple Pencils. The original recharges via Lightning. The second generation recharges wirelessly and the new USB-C looks a lot like the first generation, but charges via USB-C instead of lighting. Each one has different iPad compatibility with iPads. While that part is confusing, the pencil itself is rather elegant and one of the best accessories for your iPad. The 2nd generation stylus is down to $80 right now, while the USB-C model is down to $71 at Amazon.

Apple TV 4K

The Apple TV 4K is seeing a modest, $5 discount for Cyber Monday. 

$125 at B&H Photo

The Apple TV 4K is our favorite premium streaming device and is currently $125 at B&H Photo. That's not a huge discount, but the streaming box rarely goes on sale. We gave it a 94 in our review because it’s fast, has an excellent Siri remote and integrates seamlessly with Apple’s overall ecosystem. Navigation is clean and easy to use, plus the device can stream in 4K, HDR and Dolby Vision.

Mac Mini M2

The desktop Mac Mini is $100 off at Amazon and from B&H Photo

$499 at Amazon

The base model of Apple diminutive desktop computer, the Mac mini, is currently on sale for $100 off for Cyber Monday at Amazon, B&H Photo, Best Buy. It earned an 86 in our review because it packs a lot of processing power, using the same M2 chip as the two current-model MacBook Airs — but it’s much cheaper than either laptop. If you need a little more storage, you can get it with 512GB of SSD for $699 at B&H Photo.

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