The Morning After: Elon Musk's fascination with Dogecoin continues

Literally to the moon.

BRITTA PEDERSEN via Getty Images

On Saturday Night Live, Elon Musk said “it’s all a hustle” about cryptocurrency, and prices dived. Now, Tesla has suddenly become very aware of Bitcoin’s energy-inefficient ways and reversed its course on taking payments in it. With the company claiming it’s looking for a more climate-friendly cryptocurrency, Musk tweeted Thursday about “potentially promising” efficiency improvements for Dogecoin.

The Morning After
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Dogecoin, in case you’ve forgotten, is the meme-inspired cryptocurrency that Musk has taken a liking to. His other major venture, SpaceX, is going to launch a DOGE-1 cubesat next year, and he’s tweeted about it, repeatedly. The dog-faced memecoin is hard to take seriously sometimes, but the reaction to Musk’s tweet was serious, with its price going up 25 percent in one day.

— Richard Lawler

The Nokia 2720 Flip phone is finally coming to the US

The remake of the 2009 handset will be available on Verizon.

The Morning After
HMD, Nokia

Nokia is bringing a flip-phone to the US. The brand’s new owners, HMD, actually released the Nokia 2720 Flip (an updated version of the 2720 Fold) elsewhere, but it never quite made it to these shores until now. Well, May 20th. It’ll be a Verizon exclusive, and definitely not a smartphone. It also only costs $80. Continue reading.

The best games for Nintendo Switch

A guide for beginners, from A to Z trigger.

The Morning After

The Switch is well on its way to becoming the company’s best-selling “home console” ever, and seven Switch games have outsold the far-less-well-received Wii U. Everything’s coming up Nintendo, then, thanks to the Switch’s unique hybrid format and an ever-growing game library with uncharacteristically strong third-party support. Let us guide you (refreshed once more) through the best games to start your Switch journey. Continue reading.

Framework’s modular DIY laptop is available to pre-order

No more disposable laptops?

Framework’s first modular laptop for easy repair is now open for pre-orders. The Framework Laptop is available to order, in four variants. Swapping out and replacing a module shouldn’t take any longer than 10 minutes. And each component will carry a QR code that leads you straight to a website offering step-by-step instructions and an iFixit-style video. And users should only need the screwdriver included in the box to carry out any repair.

The only repair that may take longer than 10 minutes is if, or when, you so choose to swap out the CPU and mainboard. You can pick up the base model for just $999, or a DIY — entirely disassembled — version for $749. Continue reading.

Stare at these gorgeous new PS5 DualSense controllers

Two new color options that aren’t white.

The Morning After

If you have managed to pick up a PS5, you might be ready for a second controller, just in time for the loosening of pandemic lockdowns. There’s not much more to say — I really like the black option — but pre-orders for both the Midnight Black and Cosmic Red controllers are now open on Amazon, and they'll ship on June 18th. Continue reading.

Amazon’s 2nd gen. Echo Buds, reviewed

Improved in nearly every way.

The Morning After

Amazon was late to the true wireless earbud game. By the time the company introduced its Echo Buds in 2019, Apple was already on version two, and the AirPods Pro came shortly after. The company learns fast, and its second attempt features true active noise cancellation (ANC), improved audio quality and a redesign. Barring some questionable battery life and mediocre call performance, Amazon impresses. Read on for Billy Steele’s full review.

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