Sony reveals new galaxy-inspired PS5 DualSense controllers

You'll soon be able to pick up Midnight Black and Cosmic Red versions.

Sony Interactive Entertainment

If you've managed to score a PlayStation 5 and you've been looking for a DualSense with a different look, Sony has some news that might perk up your ears. The company has announced its first new colorways for the controller, Midnight Black and Cosmic Red, which were inspired by the galaxy.

Midnight Black has two shades of black with some light grey detailing, which Sony designed "to reflect how we view space through the night sky," according to a blog post. The Cosmic Red version, which is a dual-tone black and deep red look, was "inspired by the unique vivid shades of red found throughout the cosmos."

The Midnight Black controller costs $70, the same as the original colorway. The Cosmic Red DualSense is $75 for some reason, $5 more than the other two models. Pre-orders are now open on Amazon and they'll ship on June 18th.

Until now, the only DualSense that players have been able to pick up through official channels is one with a black and white color scheme, which matches the PS5 console aesthetic. Modders have been creating their own colorways, while members of the PS5 launch team are said to have received an exclusive white and gold DualSense.

Update 5/13 12:30PM ET: Added pre-order details.

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