Traeger's smart grill app comes to the Apple Watch

You can set and tweak your BBQ temperature from your wrist.


Traeger's smart grills have taken some of the toil out of real cookouts using tech. The company's feature-rich companion app — which was overhauled last year with a ton of recipes and video guides and customization — pairs up with its WIFI-enabled grills to let you remotely monitor and control your cuts.

Now, the app is landing on the Apple Watch packing the same core functions as the mobile version. It's easy to see how it could come in handy: Using a mix of temperature controls, timers and alerts, it can free you up to do more multi-tasking as the BBQ slowly cooks away.

In terms of features, there aren't any extras here, but Traeger also didn't cut any major corners either. It could have easily opted for a lightweight monitoring app, but we're glad it decided to include controls. From your Apple Watch, you can keep an eye on your grill temperature, make adjustments and set and track a desired internal temperature. There's also a "keep warm mode" that lets you reduce the temperature so the food doesn't get cold if you're behind schedule.

Additional features include a pellet sensor that displays current pellet levels so you know when to reload the hopper to keep the fire burning. While super smoke mode lets you blast the food with pure hardwood smoke between temperatures from 165 to 225 degrees. The Traeger app launches today on the Apple Watch App Store.