VW starts producing its ID.4 EV before its official reveal

It'll still be a while before the electric crossover reaches the US.


Volkswagen hasn’t officially revealed the production version of its ID.4 electric crossover, but that isn’t stopping it from rolling vehicles off the assembly line. The automaker has started production of the EV (via Autoblog) at its planet in Zwickau, Germany, weeks before the car’s planned debut in late September. It’s still not showing more of the new machine, but you at least won’t have to wait ages if you’re a European customer.

The company hasn’t provided a date for pre-orders, and it’s not certain when early buyers will get their hands on the ID.4. You’ll have to be patient if you live elsewhere, too. ID.4 production in China is only slated to begin by the end of 2020, and North American manufacturing still won’t happen before 2022.

It’s nonetheless an important moment for VW. The ID.4 is the company’s first ground-up EV design built for a truly global audience. It’s crucial to growing VW’s electric car strategy and will show whether or not the company is on the right track. For that matter, it’s crucial to other brands. Ford is building a car using VW’s EV platform, and a successful ID.4 bodes well for Ford’s future.