Microsoft updated Windows 10 again to fix printer problems

The March Windows 10 update required two emergency patches to fix printing.

FabrikaCr via Getty Images

On March 9th Microsoft released its usual Patch Tuesday set of operating system updates, but after they rolled out Windows 10 users reported problems with printing that included missing graphics and persistent blue screen of death errors. An update to fix the BSOD problems rolled out on March 15th, but now ZDNet and Bleeping Computer report that a second emergency patch is available to fix the layout problems.

Microsoft's note indicates that you should only install the patch if the problem is affecting you. You'll know if it hits your computer by the "unexpected results when printing from some apps or to some printers. Issues might include missing or solid color graphics, misalignment/formatting issues, or printing of blank pages/labels."

The only other problem? Many people, including yours truly, have experienced issues trying to install the patch via Windows Update. If that includes you and you need the fix to make sure all your graphics are printing out in the right place, Bleeping Computer mentioned that you can download and manually install the patch here.

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