YouTube Music's Explore tab is now out for Android and iOS users

It was designed to help you discover new music.

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YouTube Music

If YouTube Music’s Explore tab still hadn’t made an appearance in your app the last time you looked, check again. The feature, which was first released a couple of weeks ago, has now full rolled out to all Android and iOS users. Google designed the tab as a destination that can help you find new music. You can filter singles, albums and music videos by genre or “mood” like “chill” and “focus.” But you can also see all of them as a long list to browse through under “See all” if you’re feeling adventurous.

YouTube Music’s in-app song lyrics feature seems to have made its way to all users, as well. The service will show you static lyrics in its mobile apps, whether you're a free or a paying user, whenever it’s available. Not all videos come with built-in lyrics, though, so you may still have to Google them when you want to sing along.

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