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Sony not so hot for PSP redesign rumors


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Just like plenty of other shady and shadier PSP 2 rumors, the PSP redesign story has been firmly shot down. For starters, Sony has come forward with the always popular cookie-cutter denial: "We currently have no plans to release another version of the PSP." Sounds similar to Nintendo's denial of a DS Lite, days before an official announcement, but we've got a sneaky suspicion Sony is serious about this one, especially with those GPS and EyeToy add-ons just around the corner. Apparently even the original PlayStation Magazine rumor was a bit shady, relying more on a fanboy wishlist than actual info, and the flash memory units were merely reported to have been obtained by Sony, nothing specific about them landing in a PSP. So, we're chalking this one up as a resounding defeat for the rumor-mill, but you know we've already got our ear to the ground for the next big PSP 2 story, we just hope it turns out to be a bit less sketchwardo than this one.

[Via Joystiq]

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