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New DVR patent helps advertisers get their pitch across during fast-forwarding

Peter Rojas

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Ok, so television advertisers are slowly resigning themselves to the reality that digital video recorders aren't going away and that more and more viewers are simply fast-forwarding through commercials, so what do they do? Well, they could try and force the DVR makers to eliminate fast-forwarding (which would be a waste of time), they could do like KFC and embed secret messages that you can only see when you watch the ad in slo-mo, they could toy with the idea of pop-up ads like TiVo did, or they could license a freshly patented invention from Colin Davies. His "System for providing visible messages during pvr trick mode playback" lets advertisers get their message across even when you're skipping over their ads, by having marketers embed a series of images in the full frames that get displayed when fast-forwarding. There wouldn't be any sound, and the image wouldn't be quite as dynamic, but they'd still be able to get their point across. How about just making entertaining ads that people might actually want to watch?

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