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Sims on a plane

Zack Stern

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Electronic Arts is working with -- purveyor of casual internet games -- and in-flight entertainment company DTI Software to expand its dominance into the air. Even on flights, the jabbering tone of Simlish will pull you away from loved ones, sleep, and work.

DTI expects The Sims 2 and a handful of Pogo's games will be added to its in-flight service by Q3 2007. Specific rollout will relate to individual airlines, but DTI tells us that it expects the games to be offered on portable media players throughout the cabins. These games are often free, but pricing will also be determined by carriers.

Most of all, we want to play our DS Wi-Fi in the air, but Boing's Boeing's Connexion has recently been shelved. While other WiFi options might fill that market, we like seeing these casual games offered to people who don't travel with handhelds. Anything that gets gaming exposed to non-gamers seems good.

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