Zune now available for pre-order

So unless you were one of the handful of people who woke up at the crack of dawn and pushed aside children and the elderly in order to secure a place near the front of a GameStop line, you probably missed out on the one of the few chances to secure a PS3 before the holidays. Well if you're looking to listen to a sad song while all your friends are having a blast with their next-gen consoles in a few weeks, we have a bit of news that might buoy your spirits somewhat: EBGames has started taking pre-orders on Microsoft's premiere entrant into the portable audio space, the 30GB, sharing-is-caring Zune. Don't have an extra $250 laying around? No problem -- just grab your synthesizer and put together a little ditty we can use as the Engadget theme song; assuming that your jingle wins us over, a complimentary Zune should do wonders in helping you get through the difficult PS3-free times ahead.

[Via MobileWhack]