If there's one combination that we can all agree is great, it's two hydrogen molecules getting down with one oxygen molecule. H2O-yeah. One combination we're not so down with: H2O and electronics. The war between the two factions is ancient and storied, full of broken dreams (and motherboards). To help prevent such senseless violence, Atlantic is dipping their waterproof toes back into the consumer electronics pool with two new entries to their GameKeeper line: waterproof gameSEAL cases for both the Nintendo DS (Phat and Lite varieties) and the PSP, available now for $39.99. The PSP model can hold the console, 10 UMDs, two Memory Stick Duos, and charger; the DS model holds the console, 12 DS carts, 16 GBA carts, plus charger. GameSEAL, get it? It seals, like a case, but it's waterproof, like a seal. Clever.

Waterproof gameSEAL cases keep your portable consoles dry

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