This definitely isn't the first time Apple's gem has been integrated into gizmos of the past, but the Mama Said Knock You Out speakers boast a retro vibe that spans all the way from the moniker to the fabric selection. Potentially able to become the perfect audio companion to your plaid-infused Lupus Sabene alarm clock, the MSKYO speaker set rolls in on dual trolleys in case you really are too feeble to toss 'em up over your shoulders, a full-range driver in each cabinet, and a reported ability to play nice with your iPod. Other details concerning RMS, aux input capabilities, or an optional eight-track player are scant, but if you're the world's biggest only remaining LL Cool J fan, and don't have the means to wrap a few DJ speakers in thrift store cloth yourself, be sure to hit up Claassen & Partner for pricing information.

[Via ShinyShiny]