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iPhone details uncovered in Sales Training Workbook

Darren Murph

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Here's some dirt that's sure to heat up the iPhone debates over the next 20 days. According to alleged scans from the "iPhone Sales Training Workbook," we're seeing a vast array of features that we were already fully aware of, but here's the skinny on what you may have not known until now:
  • No one-touch dialing (two touches at a minimum)
  • Vibrate mode is included
  • Voice dialing is not mentioned as a feature, though it's not specifically excluded either
  • Users can have a voice conversation whilst browsing the web "when WiFi access is available"
  • iPhone users will not be able to conduct IM conversations with instant messaging users
  • Emailing videos and pictures are a go, MMS is not supported
  • MEdia Mail won't be used for ringtone and answertone downloads
  • MEdia Net, MobiTV, and Cellular Video are (unsurprisingly) not available for the iPhone
  • iTunes will sync iPhone with the Address Book on Macs or Outlook/Outlook Expess on PCs
  • No GPS or TeleNav support, sorry Google hopefuls
Of note, it seems that AT&T and / or Apple has conjured up a few canned, customer responses that point out the obvious shortcomings of Apple's handset, so do click on to see what you're up against.

Update: It's worth pointing out that only 15 of at least 33 pages have been published so far.

Alright, so we're sure just about everyone has a bone to pick with Apple's first stab at a mobile phone, but it seems like many of these quibbles have already been recognized and accounted for. Namely, it appears that the Apple is already aware that some potential buyers will be clamoring for more than 8GB of onboard storage, yet the recommended "solution" is just a runaround about keeping your excess data stored in iTunes until you absolutely need it (gee, thanks). Furthermore, a blurb concerning the on-screen keyboard for customers used to "real buttons" lends even more legitimacy to the worries that have cropped up already around this questionable "feature." Lastly, don't think the selling agents will act surprised when you question the lack of integrated GPS. They are pre-programmed with a response of "thanks for the feedback, we'll let Apple know of your interest" which insinuates that someone at Cupertino is fully aware of how beneficial this would be (in a second generation?).

Interestingly, Cindynjgirl79 (the source of these leaks) claims to have acquired this information while not being employed by either AT&T or Apple, but we can't help but question the outrightness of her actions which includes posting a picture of herself holding the manual and stamping her email address on every scanned page. Of course, it would certainly be quite the feat if every single scan here was faked, but you can never ignore that minute possibility. So, now that you're in the know, feel free to sound off in comments.

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