So Sony Ericsson's really playing up the fact that they're announcing something tomorrow, but it's anybody's guess at this point just what it might be. There's no shortage of theories: the W999i, the Sofia -- but the rumor that's really picking up steam right now is that SE will drop three new Bluetooth wristwatch models. Really, it makes sense seeing how there's a big box on the teaser site that kinda looks like it could be holding a watch. Specifically, it's being said over on Esato that there will be three models announced, all of which will be smaller than the gargantuan original. One will be called the MBW-150, one will be Walkman branded, and two will have leather straps while the third will sport metal (starting to sound a little like a logic puzzle, isn't it?). Unlike the MBW-100, it sounds like all three will support AVRCP for music control. Thankfully, it's less than 24 hours until we get the official scoop.

[Via Just Another Mobile Phone Blog]

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