Unfortunately, we can't fill you in on hard pricing or availability information on Moxi's impending DVR lineup just yet, but Mr. Dave Zatz was able to get a feel for what they'll be like when that time finally comes. Swinging through Digeo's office, he was able to spend a little time with the firm's Home Cinema HD DMR -- which sports both ATSC and NTSC tuners, an integrated 5.1 audio amplifier, and strangely lacks CableCARD support -- and the Multi-Room HD DMR (read: the impressive one). The latter unit is CableCARD-friendly, comes bundled with a Moxi Mate extender for multi-room viewing, and will support HD streaming via 1394 over coax. Both devices include a built-in CD / DVD drive (no high-definition options?), can interface with networked PCs, and even feature eSATA expansion ports for upping the storage. Of course, nothing official has been leaked, but Zatz got the impression that a "fall release" was in the realm of possibility. Tag the read link for more of the hands-on goodness.

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