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Medion's Windows Home Server-based MD 90110 gets detailed

Darren Murph

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Just as HP reportedly delayed its own Windows Home Server-based device, Medion's iteration is getting all fleshed out, so let's get right down to the dirt, shall we? Apparently, the MD 90110 will feature an AMD Sempron 64 or Intel P4 LGA 775, an AMD RS-690 / Intel 945GC chipset, be based on a MicroATX motherboard, and include 1GB of RAM, between 500GB and 2TB of RAID storage space, an eSATA port, gigabit Ethernet, and four USB 2.0 connectors. Additionally, users can look forward to "screwless internal hard drive bays," a recovery button, HDD status LEDs, and a variety of configurations to fit your needs (and budget). Per usual, there's no hard data available just yet in regard to pricing or release dates, but we'll keep you posted.

[Via WeGotServed]

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